Villa Amoudia - Πολυτελής Villa με ιδιωτική πισίνα πάω στη θάλασσα

Villa in Sivota Lefkada, Ελλάδα

Swimming pool near the beach
Swimming pool near the beach
charm for this villa on Sivota's harbour
charming and beautiful terrace in front of the villa
Bedroom 1 with relaxing view
Ensuite bathroom 1
Living room, kitchen, dining table
Very comfortable living room
stunning views of the port of Sivota
Kitchen area with lovely outside view
Outdoor dining table beside the swimming pool with excellent village view
Spacious bedroom 3 with TV
Bathroom 2 with beautiful broken tiles mosaic
Calmness beside and in the pool
Swimming pool right on the beach
Mezzanine bedroom 2
Swimming pool in between the olive trees
Direct access to the beach
επίπεδο κήπου
1ος όροφος
Luxury villa surrounded by beautiful olive trees
Bedroom 1 with TV and small office
Well designed bedroom 3
Well decorated living room
Fully equipped kitchen for your needs

Ακριβώς στην παραλία των Συβότων με ιδιωτική πισίνα.

Παρέχοντας όλα όσα χρειάζεστε και όντας σε μια ιδανική τοποθεσία, η Villa Αμμουδιά είναι ιδανική για οικογένειες με παιδιά ή όσους θέλουν να έχουν τα πάντα γύρω τους (ταβέρνες, μπαρ, σούπερ μάρκετ ...) χωρίς να χρειάζεται να χρησιμοποιήσουν αυτοκίνητο.
Σχεδιασμένη με στυλ και χτισμένη από έμπειρους τεχνίτες, το σύστημα οικιακού αυτοματισμού της βίλας προσφέρει υψηλού επιπέδου εξοπλισμό με τηλεοράσεις LCD τελευταίας γενιάς, Blu-Ray και ηχοσύστημα. Κάθε μπάνιο είναι διακοσμημένο με ένα μοναδικό μωσαϊκό.
Από τη βεράντα ή την πισίνα, μπορείτε να απολαύσετε τη ζωή του μικρού λιμανιού, τα ιστιοφόρα, και τους ψαράδες να αδειάζουν τα δίχτυα τους ...
Αν έχετε σκάφος ή επιθυμείτε να νοικιάσετε ένα, μπορείτε να κλείσετε μια θέση στο πλωτήρα, μόλις 2 λεπτά με τα πόδια από τη βίλα (με κράτηση εκ των προτέρων).


Θα φτάσετε στη Villa Αμμουδιά από ένα μικρό δρομάκι πάνω από την παραλία των Συβότων. Ένας χώρος στάθμευσης και γκαράζ είναι στη διάθεσή σας. Μια όμορφη αυλή με ένα όμορφο ελαιόδεντρο σας προσκαλούν να μπείτε. Αμέσως ένα μεγάλο παράθυρο με θέα στον κόλπο σας βάζει στο κλίμα των διακοπών: Μία σκιερή βεράντα με τραπεζαρία, μια πισίνα υπερχείλισης (8x4m), ένα εξωτερικό ντους με υπέροχη θέα στην παραλία και το χωριό των Συβότων. Ακριβώς δίπλα υπάρχει ένα ηλεκτρικό μπάρμπεκιου και ένα πανέμορφο ελαιόδεντρο. Γύρω από την πισίνα υπάρχουν μερικές ξαπλώστρες που σας περιμένουν. Μια πέτρινη σκάλα οδηγεί στην αυλή του δωματίου στο ισόγειο και έχει πρόσβαση στη θάλασσα.


Ένα υπνοδωμάτιο με Queen size 160x200m κρεβάτι, HiFi και τηλεόραση με επίπεδη οθόνη 40 ", μπάνιο με ντους και τουαλέτα. Από το δωμάτιο υπάρχει άμεση πρόσβαση στη βεράντα και την πισίνα.
Μία ξεχωριστή τουαλέτα.
Δύο σκάλες που οδηγούν στη σοφίτα και στο επίπεδο του κήπου.
Ένα φωτεινό καθιστικό (TV δορυφορική, WiFi σύνδεση στο internet, ...) και η τραπεζαρία με μεγάλα παράθυρα σας προσκαλούν να ηρεμήσετε και να χαλαρώσετε. Μία πλήρως εξοπλισμένη κουζίνα.

Επίπεδο Κήπου

Ένα μεγάλο υπνοδωμάτιο με δύο μονά κρεβάτια (δυνατότητα να ενωθούν σε ένα κρεβάτι 180x200) και μπάνιο, HIFI, τηλεόραση με επίπεδη οθόνη 40 ", γραφείο, πρόσβαση σε μια ιδιωτική βεράντα με θέα στη θάλασσα. Από εκεί, έχετε πρόσβαση στην πισίνα ή τη θάλασσα. Μπάνιο με μπανιέρα.
βοηθητικό δωμάτιο (πλυντήριο ρούχων, σίδερο, σιδερώστρα), είσοδος γκαράζ.


Υπνοδωμάτιο σε σοφίτα πάνω από το καθιστικό με 2 μονά κρεβάτια.

Reviews (36) 4.9/5

  1. 5/5

    Always so perfect. I love this villa! The view is amazing and the welcoming and cleaning always outstanding as well, thank you and see you soon again.

    Oct 17 by
  2. 5/5

    The villa is a perfect little retreat for a family or two couples. It feels very secluded and has beautiful views of the Sivota bay, plus only minutes walk from the fantastic restaurants on the harbour.

    Oct 17 by
  3. 5/5

    For us it was the perfect holiday! The location is excellent, the house is like in the description, and we found an extremely welcoming host throughout our stay in Sivota / Lefkada Island / Greece. More after the long journey from Romania we were greeted with a warm smile, a bottle of wine and fresh fruits from our host. If you are desirous of peace and relaxation, this is the right place. Swimming, visiting the wonderful beaches of Lefkada or walking among the olive groves are some of the activities you can do here. Thank you again to our host, Tasos and Anna! Highly recommended!

    Aug 17 by
  4. 5/5

    The villa is beautiful - very comfortable, one of the best we have stayed in. We had a great holiday. Both Anna and Tasos were incredibly helpful. Our arranged transfers to and from the villa worked perfectly and Tasos was always on hand if we needed any help.

    Jul 17 by
  5. 4/5

    Problems with the internetrouter. Only one German channel by sat-tv. Nice pool and Terrasse. Very clean

    May 17 by
  6. 5/5

    This villa is so charming and well located, right on the beach and 2 easy min by walk to the village restaurants and bar, while in quiet place. Just perfect! Anna and Tasos where very welcoming and always available to help with recommendations which made our experience amazing. I highly recommend this villa and holidays experience. A big thank you to all the the VillasThalassa team

    May 17 by
  7. 5/5

    We had a wonderful stay at Villa Amoudia. The welcome was efficient and nice, communication with Anna was excellent. The villa was cleam, wel furnished and had all the amenities you could think of. The small quit fishing village a treat. We loved it.

    Apr 17 by
  8. 5/5

    close to many wonderful tavernas whilst also being private.

    Mar 17 by
  9. 5/5

    I expect an offer to stay again... Thanks

    Mar 17 by
  10. 5/5

    Très propre et parfaitement amènagée. Anna auprès de qui j’ai réservé a été très à l’écoute et très pro. La piscine est bien placée avec juste l’oiveraie la séparant de la mer. Avec sa petite plage de galets. Très proche du village, des tavernes et des bars la villa est très privée et bien protègée dans les oliviers. Merci à l’équipe de Villas thalassa.

    Mar 17 by
  11. 5/5

    helpfulness from Anna (Villas Thalassa), the villa itself, with its perfect location, and we will definitely be booking again!

    Mar 17 by
  12. 5/5

    Villa pleine de charme très bien placée et parfaitement équipée.

    Mar 17 by
  13. 5/5

    The place is wonderfull and the house is very confortable. The best is the beach just under the villa ! And people of the welcoming are very nice and helpful

    Mar 17 by
  14. 5/5

    Lovely villa in a great spot overlooking a beautiful bay, Loved it.

    Dec 16 by
  15. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
  16. 5/5

    This villa was perfect for us just few minutes from tavernas a small peeble beach good welcoming from Anna and Jerome we will come back

    Dec 16 by
  17. 4/5

    What we have enjoyed : - easy exchange of messages for the booking - Jerome booked a place at the pontoon for our boat - nice view and the villa in general was fine What could be improved : - 6 sun chairs instead of 4 so everybody can have one, with mats - the bandwidth of the wi-fi is from another age and should be reflected as such in the advertisement - TV channels ( available on only one TV) are quite limited - as mentioned before by others : provide a book with all relevant info (there is a limited one with urgency numbers), not just an oral statement when you arrive on the possibilities around sivota and Lefkas in general What we did not like : - lack of relevant answers for most of our remarks when leaving (e.g for the 6 chairs : "this is not what most of our clients require"; a book with explanation : "this is done for bigger villas only", the mats : "not possible because they are damaged by the clients"... ). Our final understanding is that the villa amoudia is a little villa that you take as it is, only bigger ones are the subjects of a better consideration but this did not disturb our holidays. To summarize, this is already a nice villa but there is place for improvement. Regards

    Dec 16 by
  18. 5/5

    Recommend but a welcome pack with wifi pass code and places to eat visit etc would have been good. Jerome did give us a brief resume of the island when we arrived but it was all a bit too much to remember. Watch out for some big drops on the terrace that are not fenced. I really would not recommend this for small children. Otherwise I would agree with everything said in previous reviews.

    Dec 16 by
  19. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
  20. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
  21. 5/5

    Amoudia was perfect for our small group! An easy 2min walk to the bars and restaurants in Sivota yet private and luxurious. The terrace and pool ouze style and the funishings & decor are high quality. The pool even has inbuilt jacuzzi jets! 10/10 did not want to leave!

    Dec 16 by
  22. 5/5

    Villa Amoudia is excellent. The accommodation and facilities are very comfortable and easy to use. The patio and pool area is very comfortable with good equipment for outside dining complete with barbecue. The Sivota Bay area is full of all the shops and restaurants you could ever need. We chose not to have a car so the local people and facilities was important to us. We found the people very friendly and helpful to us. The quality of the restaurants were of a very good standard, the Sivota Bakery shop and restaurant deserves a special mention. We found the peace and tranquility just what we were looking for, thank you Villas Thalassa. Jerome, Anna and Debbie deserve a special mention for there care and attention during our visit. We are sure to return. Regards Roger & Susan.

    Dec 16 by
  23. 5/5

    A wonderfully modern villa, with excellent facilities and a swimming pool offering extensive views over Syvota harbour.. Easy walking distance to stores, bars and tavernas. First rate maid service twice a week and pool cleaned regularly. TV and WiFi is very good. Manager on call for any problems. With two en-suite bedrooms, it is ideal for two couples, but the villa could cater for a couple of young children in a light airy room on the first floor. This May, for two weeks, was our third stay in Villa Amoudia and our tenth year on Lefkada. God willing, we will return.

    Dec 16 by
  24. 5/5

    Very, very, very nice house. Beautiful spot, right on the beach with a perfect view. Private but in a way also a vivid environment. Because of the view: nobody can see you but you can see everything. Never a dull moment with a view like this. Boats sailing in and out, nice taverna's (walking distance) and happy people and sunshine everywhere. The house itself is also very nice. Perfect beds, showers (especially the one outside), big fridge, garage. And if necessary: airco. Do you consider a stay at Lefkada? Don't hesitate. It's a beautiful small, green island. Amazing beaches. Lots of sailing possibilities, good food. Yes, we certainly can recommend a stay in this house.

    Dec 16 by
  25. 5/5

    Perfect accommodation in a brilliant position, local to many wonderful tavernas whilst also being private.

    Dec 16 by
  26. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
  27. 4/5

    Dec 16 by
  28. 5/5

    it was just amazing the house just on the small beach with the infinity pool in the middle of so old and so nice olive trees all bedrooms wit flat tv and bluray and just 1minit from the taverne from Yannis where we eat very fresh and tasty grill fishes many thanks to Anna and Jérome for the welcoming and all the information on the island we will come back soon Athina

    Dec 16 by
  29. 5/5

    We had a splendid week in Sivota renting villa "Amoudia" with Villas Thalassa company in July 2014. The location is excellent, and the ambience of the house and the surroindings is top notch. We rented a small motorboat in the port at Stavros boat rent, which took us out to Skorpios and other Islands, fantastic, strongly recommended. The only issue we had was when there were thunder and rain, all the fuses were blown in the house, and it takes considerable time before all electricity is up and working again - and internet. On the other hand this can not be blamed on Villas Thalassa staff, which were very friendly, and helpful, in the booking and whilst we spend the week there. Be aware that from the photographs it looks like a private beach, it is not private beach, and it is a stone beach - you need some kind of footwear to go swimming. We would definetely come back maybe to one of the other houses.

    Dec 16 by
  30. 5/5

    Our stay was really fantastic. Beautiful nature, clear sea, very tasty food...

    Dec 16 by
  31. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
  32. 5/5

    Excellent. But expect an offer to stay again... Thanks

    Dec 16 by
  33. 5/5

    All you need for a perfect holiday: swimming pool, restaurants close by, internet and a nice view at a perfect location. We have been in Villa Amoudia for the second time and most likely we will go there again, we really enjoy staying there...

    Dec 16 by
  34. 5/5

    We spend a wonderful holidays in wonderful place. We liked everything villa,people and place. Thanks to Anna & Sebastian. Marina from Moscow

    Dec 16 by
  35. 5/5

    Villa amoudia is amazing! I booked it for my family whilst our yacht was in the harbour and we celebrated my birthday whilst there. It was perfect, so clean , spacious, and just right for the whole family. Anna who I dealt with to organise the week could not have been more helpful and Barbara the cleaner very tolerant of my messy family. The pool was fab, just right, with good views through the lovely olive grove to the water and moments from all that sivota has to offer. I couldn't rate it more highly. Really good value for money too. Thank you villas Thalassa. Lyn gosling

    Dec 16 by
  36. 5/5

    Dec 16 by
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