Lefkada ionian island greece

In the heart of Ionian islands. 30 km North to South and 12 km from West to East. Highest point, 1182 meters.

A wild and preserved nature of an exceptional variety:

South coast

Deep bays bathed by crystalline water, creeks and small pebble beaches. Famous for them fishes and lobsters restaurants.

sivota village
aghiofili beach
vasiliki village
sivota taverne
bar in sivota
5 min from villasthalassa
5 mn by feet from villas thalassa
near amousso
xilikeratidi bay
sivota village
windsurf in vasiliki
amousso beach
vasiliki europeen spot for windsurf
efgiros bay
West coast

Great beaches among most beautiful of all Greece. Kilometers of turquoise water along the cliffs. For most courageous, a few minutes of walk make it possible to reach almost deserted beaches even in August.

west coast from lefkada island
porto katsiki
egremni beach
laguna beach
porto katsiki beach
wonderfull west coast
kathisma beach
from the top of the lefkada island
sauvage part from egremni beach
go to egremni
one of the most famous beach from Greece: porto katsiki
kathisma beach
wonderful colors from the west coast
paradise for sailing boat in lefkada island
perfect view on ionian sea
dream in lefkada island
porto katsiki
North coast

Wild, great sand beach with its windmills.

lefkas city
kite surf in milos beach
varko bay
varko bay
kaminia beach
East coast

The most tourist with its small fishing ports and hotels.

desimi autentic taverne
grec taverne
view on meganissi from east coast from lefkas island
Nidri's waterfall
nidri bay
east coast and meganissi
Then there is the interior of the island

Villages with hillside, olive groves several times centenaires, isolated monasteries, nested in superb landscapes.
The island is inhabited by a population remained authentic. You will discover certainly a villager riding his donkey or a shepherdess and her ewes.
The population is relaxed and very welcoming.


Closest islands

Képhalonia, Ithaca and Méganissi are accessible by boat. Count on 20 minutes to 1h30 for crossing.

cepalonia mirtos beach
cephalonia island
petani beach
cephalonia, fiskardo village
cephalonie, fiskardos village
authentic picture
ithaque, frikes village

More remote excursions

They will allow you to visit prestigious sites:

  • To 50 km Nicopolis (the city of the victory) the vestiges of the Roman city (9OO hectares) abound on several kilometers.
  • To 140 km Ioanina and the ancient city of Dodone. The oldest sanctuary devoted to Zeus (350 years before JC) in a small idyllic calm valley.
  • To 260 km Meteores. Monasteries perched on rock pitons. The current buildings date from the XIV and XV centuries.
  • To 300 km Delphes. Temples of Apollo and Athéna. The theatre, the stage and a very rich museum. (VII century before JC)
  • To 420 km Athens: Acropolis, the Pantheon, Erechthéion, Propylée, etc, many museums
athenes market
athenes market
athenes market
athenes souvenirs