Winter in Villas Thalassa

published Wednesday, February 05, 2014

At the most cold periods, you can see the snow at the top of the continental mountains, and it's time for some construction...

Finishing touches for villas available from summer 2014 and new construction.

Happy New Year 2014 ...

published Wednesday, January 01, 2014

We wish you Happy New Year 2014.

Dear Clients and friends,

We would like to wish you an Happy New Year 2014, health, happiness and love …

« Make your dream devour your life so that life does not devour your dream »

Antoine de St Exupéry.

To help you realizing your dreams holidays, we are waiting for you in our little corner of paradise in Sivota on Lefkada’s Island in Greece.

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See you very soon,

Anna Marilys, Seb, Jerome and Philippe

Merry Christmas

published Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas festivities in Greece: Children sing "calandas" in their neighbors' home, culinary specialties, decoration of the Christmas sailing boat ...

Christmas's boat

The Greeks are mostly from the Orthodox religion and very attached to their beliefs.

On December 24 , the children get up in the morning with one goal : to go from house to house singing and saying " calandas " (small poems and kind of hymns) while stirring their " trigona " (small triangle on which we hit with a small steel rod) . Their hosts who appreciate the perpetuation of this tradition are warmly welcoming them and rewarded them by giving some coins , fruits and (or) a kind of pastry crafted for Christmas : the " Kourabiedes " (a kind of small cakes covered with icing sugar).

On 25 December, the tradition is that you get up early to go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus newly born during the night. Then the whole the family is gathering around a meal composed of specialties like the " galopoula " ( turkey stuffed with chestnuts , currants and nuts) and " Melomacarona " (cake with nuts and honey syrup ) .

In Greece , you could find some Christmas trees only in the mountains . On the islands like in Lefkada , there are beautiful wooden sailing boat specially decorated with sparkling garlands and reminding the image of the sea , the ubiquitous element of the nature.

Almost no gifts are offered on Christmas Eve , the tradition is that Santa Claus " Agios Vasili " is coming on December 31 the night before his birthday ( January 1) .

See you soon to follow the Greek festivities in the beginning of year.

Merry Christmas everyone and happy New Year's holiday season.

December 2013 & olive oil

published Saturday, November 30, 2013

Storm on Villasthalassa

1st of December is the beginning of the winter for the Greeks. Everyone is wishing a good winter, a good month, a good week and a good day to each other ...

Last harvest of the summer vegetables
Silver reflections
Mail box for Santa Klaus

Rains in late November began to fill groundwater and storms have brought ​​splendid lights. Lefkada is a generous island climate speaking: almost no rain from April to October and winter rainfall making it a green island. Winter silver reflections on the sea are beautiful and in perpetual motion.
In the garden, the last summer vegetables are harvested in olive nets took place and we begin to pick olives (see below) and especially ...
The mailbox for Santa Claus took its place in the post office. Children!! At your pencils!
See you soon and have a great December Month.

Shaking down the Olive trees
Pick up of the olives
The olives
Arrival at the mill
1st step
Olives selection
The various vats
Olives pomace
Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil manufacturing:
Before picking olives , fields need to be cleaned in order to lay down the nets . In December, we start shaking down olive branches to bring down the fruits , then we coarsely remove twigs and fallen leaves. The olives are then collected, bagged and brought back to the mill quickly to extract the oil .
The bags are emptied into a large stainless steel tank where olives leave on a conveyor belt and will be cleaned . The olive is fragile and must be handled with care . Then they will be crushed with their nuclei containing an antioxidant ( natural preservative ) . The dough must be kneaded to become smooth for an easier extraction. Then it is cold pressed by powerful hydraulic presses. From there, flows a mixture of vegetable oil and water ( "la margine") . The two liquids are then separated. The oil is lighter than water, it is naturally separated and can thus be collected.
The recovered solids are ejected outside are called "olive pomace ". They leave to a refinery that will make a olive oil with hot extraction, 2nd quality.
After several hours of waiting in a good atmosphere, you can get your extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed . It will be excellent to eat after a few weeks of rest.
The yield varies from 4 to 6 kg of olives per 1 liter of oil

November 2013

published Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After a very mild end of the season, the last guests left having enjoyed, until the last moments, the sea and the sweetness of life in Sivota. Now villas are overwintered and we finish preparing the gardens for the period of plants resting. Various cuts, burnings in order to prepare the outdoors and a beautiful flowering season for 2014 .......

November in Sivota
Olives groves before the nets

Work starts again, in order to go forward with the construction sites.
Sivota took his winter pace, taverns, cafes and supermarkets are closed and villagers continue to pursue their usual and various activities: fishing and repairing nets, cleaning groves ... All is quiet and still so beautiful! When in town you buy cyclamen, here they appear naturally in the wild.
See you soon for the next news.